Needham Market Middle School - 'Quality Learning and Quality Caring'

Our aim is to provide excellent teaching enabling every girl and boy to learn effectively. We want our children to achieve their full potential whilst nurturing them as they grow throughout the school. 

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Parents evening dates

All years - 2nd March (4-6pm)

All years - 4th March (5-7pm)

Year 7 + 8 - 17th June (4-6pm)

Year 6 - 7th July (4-6pm)


'Behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary. Pupils work hard to complete tasks and are keen to learn. They always give of their best, even when not directly supervised by an adult. They know the difference between "right‟ and "wrong‟

Ofsted June 2013

Our teaching and learning are supported by high quality pastoral care and guidance thereby creating a caring, disciplined and structured environment in which young people can learn and flourish. 

Our 2009 Ofsted praised the quality of our teaching and learning and the relationships built within the school. Our 2013 Ofsted further endorsed that finding and confirmed that our 'Teaching is consistently good and sometimes outstanding.'  That has led us to adopt 'Quality Learning and Quality Caring' as our catchphrase.

Welcome from our Head Teacher……...

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